Why Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same gray t-shirt?

Mark Zuckerberg – Grey T-shirt Brand

We all know Mark Zuckerberg, the young billionaire and founder and CEO of Facebook. Have you noticed that he wears the same gray t-shirt every time he makes a public appearance or at work? Have you ever thought that there could be a very important link between his style of dressing and branding?

If you are not familiar with the term “branding,” you should know that it refers to the process of creating and maintaining a brand.

Unlike most company executives, who wear a suit and tie, Mark Zuckerberg prefers to dress up in gray t-shirts. Similarly, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple had always appeared in a black black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers.

Before explaining the relationship between outfit and branding , we would like to introduce you to 13 personalities who wore the same outfit every day.
1. Mark Zuckerberg
Executive Director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, always wears a gray shirt.

2. Steve Jobs
Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, always used to wear a black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers.

steve jobs

3. Albert Einstein
The famous physicist, Albert Einstrein, always wore a gray suit, without the socks and he maintained ruffled hair.

albert einstein

4. Barack Obama
Former American President, Barack Obama only dresses in gray or blue.

barack obama

5. Carrie Donovan
Carrie Donovan was a fashion editor at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times. She always wore big glasses, black clothes and pearls.

carrie donovan

6. Simon Cowell
English reality television producer and judge, entrepreneur, and philanthropist – Simon Cowell – always wears his “Uniform” made up of a white shirt and a black jacket.

simon cowell

7. Jerry Garcia
Guitarist, vocalist and composer – Jerry Garcia – always wore a black jersey and jeans.

jerry garcia

8. Jean Nouvel
The French architect always wore black when it was autumn, winter or spring and white when it was summer.

jean nouvel

9. Johnny Cash
American singer-songwriter, guitarist Johney Cash is called the country music legend and he always wore black jackets.

johnny cash

10. Janelle Monae
The R & B singer, Janelle Monae, always wore black and white.

janelle monae

11. Karl Lagerfeld
The German fashion designer, famous as Chanel fashion designer, always wears a black suit, white shirt, sunglasses and accessories such as gloves or jewels.

karl lagerfeld

12. Tom Wolfe
Wolfe, an American journalist and writer, always wears a white suit.

tom wolfe

13. Grace Coddington
The former model and current Vogue director is always wearing black dresses.

grace coddington

Outfit & Personal Branding

If you look for Youtube videos related to personal branding, you’ll find a lot of tips on how to sell yourself, how to differentiate yourself, and how to create an image. Personal branding is not only about how others see you, but also about how you see yourself.

When choosing your personal style, you have to see what is comfortable for you. As per William Arruda, a personal branding guru – Dressing always in the same way is an important part of personal branding. They wear what they wear because they feel comfortable. When you wear something in which you feel good, you are sure of yourself.

It’s great when your dress style is specific to you and represents you. Your outfit makes you memorable and distinctive. Probably if you see you a picture of Steve Jobs that did not show his face, you may still guess that it was him in that photo.

Let’s take Albert Einstein as an example. The famous physicist bought several gray suits because he did not want to waste his energy choosing a different item every morning. Now, Mark Zuckerberg or President Obama does the same thing.

You must eliminate these problems in your life, which consume your energy and time. Here’s what Obama said – “You will see that I wear gray or blue suits. I tried to eliminate some of the decisions. I do not want to make decisions about what to eat or to wear. I already have too many other decisions to take.”

Branding is not about selling, creating an image, promotion, online visibility or opinion of others.Branding is about authenticity.

Famous businessmen or politicians are known for what they are. What they wear is in harmony with their personality. Their dressing style about who they are and how they want to represent themselves in the society. This is also known as creating a brand identity.

Zuckerberg prefers casual style and this is perfect considering that he represents the entire generation of young people who do not want to wear formal outfits at work.

It is said that the big companies and organizations which act in accordance with their ethics and values, do not need PR to promote themselves. If we were honest, authentic, aware of what makes us unique, and respected our values ​​and principles, we would not have to worry about personal branding so much.

Now ponder over this question – When you are very old, what do you want people to remember about your life? What do you really need to show people about your splendor and imperfections?

In short: Dress up in harmony with what you are. Be authentic! Create a unique style to represent yourself!

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