DTG vs. Screen Printing: What are the Differences?

DTG Printing vs. Screen Printing

There are many ways to customize printing on t-shirts, jerseys and other apparels. Each printing technique comes with its unique features and has its advantages and disadvantages. Of these, two important printing techniques to note are: DTG (Direct-to-Garment Printing) and Screen Printing. Other methods include thermal transfer and sublimation. Here we present an analysis of DTG vs, Screen printing methods for t-shirt customization. You can use this to help you to choose the printing technique that suits you best.

Screen Printing


  • Economic costs for large volumes
  • The more you order, the lower is the price per product
  • You can use special colors (e.g. neon)


  • Not economical for multiple colors (multiple passes)
  • You can only print simple forms of design
  • Large initial investment
  • Can have a single design per set

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