Custom T-shirts by Sublimation Printing

Customized T-shirts using Sublimation Printing

Recently we executed an order for creating custom t-shirts for a renowned sports club in Mumbai. Their choice was a technical t-shirt, ideal for sports events, personalized with sublimation printing.

custom t-shirt sublimation printing

Sublimation corresponds to the transformation of a body from the solid to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. Thus, in this process, modification of the chemical substance does not pass through a melting step (from solid to liquid) or by a vaporization step (from liquid to gas).

In sublimation printing, the artwork is first printed on a heat-resistant transfer paper as an inverted image of the final drawing. Once printed, Tthe artwork is then transferred onto a t-shirt or other apparel under optimum heat and pressure achieved by a heat press. At a temperature between 80 and 98 °C and accompanied by high pressure, the pigments of the sublimation inks transform into gas and get impregnated within the t-shirt material as they solidify.

Sublimation Printing is a technique that is most suited to technical t-shirts or Sports t-shirts, because it does not remove the breathing capacity of the fabric. This process has many other advantages: Continue reading