Silk Screen Printing for T-shirt Customization

Custom T-Shirts by Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a textile printing technique that is widely used for customized t-shirts and other custom apparels. This is the best known textile printing technique and certainly the favorite of companies and textile designers. It can produce spectacular results.

tshirt screen printing

What is silk-screen printing?

Screen printing on paper and on textiles follow a very similar process. The method consists in applying ink through a mesh stretched onto a screen. It produces color impression in layers, color by color. In the case of textile screen printing, inks are applied directly on the garments.

Textile silk-screen printing is a very old technique developed in China. It is an artisan craft though these days the process is automated by machines. At Tshirt Metro, our specialists retouch the visuals and adapt them to create the layers and screens. We position the t-shirts manually one by one on the machine and then apply the colors by hand.

History of Seriagraphy or Screen Printing

screen printing t-shirtSerigraphy or Silk screen printing is a word comes which from the Latin word sericum (silk) and Greek word graphic (to write or to draw). This technique was first developed in China, under the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD). They used silk threads for the application of ink, hence the name Seriagraphy.

Screen printing then spread to Japan and neighboring countries. It was not until the 17th century that the silk trade flourished to see the introduction of silk screen printing in Europe. In France, the city of Lyons began to use silk-screen printing to print fabrics : this process is called Lyonnaise Printing. Continue reading