How much does it cost to make a custom t-shirt in India?

Average cost of making a personalized t-shirt in India

The custom t-shirt or personalized t shirt is a modern innovation in textile communication. It is suitable for almost any event and for all ages. Thanks to the variety of printing techniques available these days, there are limitless possibilities in t-shirt customization. Each printing technique, however, has its own benefits and limitations. And, according to the printing technique, the cost of custom t-shirt will vary greatly. Cost of the customized t-shirt, will also depend on the quality of the base blank t-shirt.

We can always make a custom t-shirt for you. However, in order to get a good value for money, you need to understand the costing of a customized t-shirt. The price of a custom T-shirt depends on several parameters. In general, the cost of custom t-shirt will depend on the following factors: Continue reading