Personalized T-shirts – Create Your Own Unique Gifts

Custom T-shirts Help You to be Unique

Fashion is always changing, volatile and capricious. One day you may want to wear a t-shirt with quotes reflecting your philosophy. And, the next day you may like a t-shirt with funny pictures and words. Some day you may like to wear a t-shirt of your favorite rock star and it goes on. How to follow these fashion trends quickly? How to find the apparel that will allow you to be IN without a heavy drain on your wallet?

bachelor party custom t-shirts

Tshirt Metro is a brand that allows you not only to customize clothes according to fashion, but also to your desires. You can use our services to create personalized apparels for yourself or to offer as gifts to your friends, team members, employees or customers.

Custom T-shirts – multiple possibilities

Nowadays, there are a whole range of techniques of apparel customization, for making a unique t-shirt, polo shirt, or a sweat shirt. Techniques like Direct to Garment printing (DTG), thermal transfer, and silk screen printing allow for the most accurate personalized printing. Another well-known technique which is used to personalize apparels is embroidery. Whether you have a logo or a phrase, embroidery renders a high-quality, classic look to your apparels.

Finally, Tshirt Metro offers a latest innovative technique, the sublimation printing : a process that allows to print everything on everything, even a photograph on a polyester garment. In this case, the ink is melted in the fabric and the artwork, phrase or photograph will not fade. Sublimation printing is ideal for sports jerseys, especially since it resists very high washing temperatures and keeps the fabric breathable.

The personalized gifts from Tshirt Metro are suitable for any occasion – be it Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, birthday or wedding anniversary. You can print personalized mobile phone cases or T-shirts with a photo and give each gift a personal touch. People are surely going to love your original personalized gifts you create for them. At Tshirt Metro, we have a large variety of apparels , so you are sure to find that perfect item to fit your personal style.

Our Commitment to Quality at Tshirt Metro

personalized t-shirt unique giftAt Tshirt Metro, we are serious and committed to offer products of high quality at a low cost. We guarantee our custom printed t-shirts will not fade away and remain brightly colored even with the passage of time. This is possible only with our investment in high tech equipment for printing our custom apparels.

We want to offer you a personalized garment that you will use and cherish for a long time! To ensure this, at Tshirt Metro, we buy apparels that have the best quality of fabric – be it organic cotton, Lycra or mesh polyester. We do not use cheap t-shirts and other apparels made a China.

We work hard to give you

  • The best quality products that make your designs shine,
  • The best customer service always available to you and
  • The fastest delivery throughout India.

Personalized clothing for Group Events

Are you having a bachelor party? Having the annual day your school or college? Or, are you sponsoring a sports event for a good cause? Or, conducting a seminar of small or large scale? In short, for all such events, a well designed personalized t-shirt can help to build the team spirit and unite all the members attending the event. In fact, designing the t-shirt itself can be a group activity which your group members will enjoy!

A customized t-shirt, indeed, is the first element that would bring together a group of people. It will first of all bring the participants closer together by giving them a topic of conversation and will make people little relaxed. When all the members are dressed in the same way, the differences inevitably fade. During a sports event or a competition, the personalized garment will distinguish you from other competitors. It will also give you a little extra assurance and the pride of belonging to a team.

Personalized T-shirts Unique Gifts

best friends custom t-shirtImagine you have a friend whom you have known for ten years and you want to offer her a unique gift – something in connection with your common past. Why not offer her a personalized t-shirt with the nickname you have given her? Or you can gift her a pair t-shirt with a message such as “Best friends since 2008” – or logo or a photograph printed on it, of which you alone know the whole story.

Such personalized gifts will prove that you care for your friend. Your friend will also appreciate that you know him well and you have been very thoughtful for him. You will be proud and happy to offer him the gift that will stand out from other gifts. And, your friends will fondly remember your unique gift.

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