How much does it cost to make a custom t-shirt in India?

Average cost of making a personalized t-shirt in India

The custom t-shirt or personalized t shirt is a modern innovation in textile communication. It is suitable for almost any event and for all ages. Thanks to the variety of printing techniques available these days, there are limitless possibilities in t-shirt customization. Each printing technique, however, has its own benefits and limitations. And, according to the printing technique, the cost of custom t-shirt will vary greatly. Cost of the customized t-shirt, will also depend on the quality of the base blank t-shirt.

We can always make a custom t-shirt for you. However, in order to get a good value for money, you need to understand the costing of a customized t-shirt. The price of a custom T-shirt depends on several parameters. In general, the cost of custom t-shirt will depend on the following factors:

Factors that decide cost of custom t-shirt

  • Size of the print area: small, medium or large format, single or double side printing
  • Chosen printing process: screen printing, DTG printing, heat transfer or textile sublimation
  • Base t-shirt: its material (cotton, nylon, polyester etc.), size (XS to 5XL), weight and color
  • Number of colors to be printed (especially in screen printing)
  • Options and finishes: with or without sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves, unisex, man or woman, V neck or round neck, color effect (gradients, glitter etc)
  • Quantity to be printed: the higher the number, lower is the cost
  • Additional services: if you want us to design your artwork or want expedited shipment

What textile you want for your custom t-shirt?

The textile material or fabric and its style are the main components that govern the price of the customized t-shirt. So, you need understand their price. There is a huge choice of textiles to customize: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets etc. There are textiles of different qualities in each product category, with prices varying according to quality. Also, you should note that, higher the textile quantity, lower is the price per piece.

What printing technique do you prefer for a personalized shirt?

custom t-shirt your logoTo create a personalized t-shirt with a photo, text, slogan or symbols there are several printing techniques. Each technique meets specific requirements.

To print a simple logo with no particular effect, the four-color printing process is sufficient. However, if you want a more durable printing with a plastic or velvet effect, flexography or flocking technique is suitable. For more elaborate designs, with many intense colors and details, screen printing is ideal. To learn more about silk screen printing techniques for custom t-shirts, you can refer to this article: Screen Printing for Custom T-shirts.

For printing a photo or an artwork with color gradients on a t-shirt is generally done by digital transfer (sublimation) in order to guarantee the reproduction in high definition colors. To learn more about sublimation printing techniques on custom t shirt you can refer to this article: Sublimation Printing for Custom T-shirts.

If you just need one custom t-shirt, we can design and print it using Digital Direct to Garment printing (DTG) technique. The price is however on the higher side for DTG printing. Cost of screen printing per shirt is much lower than the cost of DTG printing, as DTG printing machines need to be imported and are very expensive in India.

Prices for Customized T-shirts in India

So, how the cost of custom t-shirt is decided? As an example, for a customized one-sided shirt, white in color, 100 prints, the cost in four-color process on average comes to about US$3 or Rs.200 per piece. In silkscreen printing, on the same basis, the average unit price is $4.5 or Rs.300. In silk screen printing you have to print t-shirts in large quantities (50 or more). It costs too much for very small runs.

For a digital transfer (sublimation or heat transfer), the average cost is $4.5 or Rs.300 per t-shirt. T-shirts printed with DTG technology cost around $6 or Rs.400 per piece, in India. You can find more information about prices for customized t-shirts in India in this article.

Custom T-shirt – For what occasion?

You can create custom t-shirts for various occasions. Depending on how important the occasion is and how long the person will wear the t-shirt, can also be a factor for your t-shirt costing.

For example, if you are creating custom t-shirts for participants of Ganesh festival, people may wear such t-shirt only on the day of the festival and for that particular year. In such cases, you can go for four color process or screen printing to keep your costs low.

If you want a custom t-shirt promotional purpose for a company at trade fairs, seminars, an inauguration, you need a high quality t-shirt. Such personalized t-shirts are also suitable for events inside the company (sports meetings, incentives, team building etc). In this context, it strengthens the spirit of belonging. People will often wear such t-shirts as they are proud to display it.

Depending on your quantity, you can go for screen printing or DTG printing. Start-ups with not many staff members would use DTG printing to print their customized t-shirts.

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