How to Take Care of Your Custom T-shirts

Tips for taking care of your personalized t-shirt

Did you ever buy a fancy looking t-shirt only to discover that its printed design faded away just after a few days? Well, if you just follow a few tips about how to take care of your printed t-shirts, you won’t have such unpleasant experience and you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

The most basic tip about washing and ironing printed clothing is to turn them around. You have to make sure that the design is on the inner side. That way your design artwork will stay beautiful for a longer time. Here, you can find more tips to take care of your custom printed t-shirts while washing and ironing.

How to wash custom t-shirt in the washing machine

Before washing any clothes in the washing machine you should first sort the clothes according to the type of their fabric and color. You should not wash a red t-shirt with a white polo shirt, even if they are of very good quality. New clothes always tend to release some color. After a few washes this problem will go away.

custom t-shirt care

You should wash screen printed t-shirts with the design inside, as we discussed before. You should also select the proper cycle for your washing machine. Please note that your t shirt can lose some color if it is washed in hot water. So it is best to select the cold water cycle, not More than 30 ? C, when you are washing t-shirts in your washing machine. Also, use neutral soaps without any bleaching agents. Strong detergents can degrade the colors and deteriorate your t-shirt design.

How to wash t-shirt by hand

It is better to wash t-shirts by hand. As with the washing machine, you must first separate the clothes by their colors and fabrics. Take two containers, one to wash and one to rinse. Add the soap in the first container, then cold or lukewarm water, mix with your hands until the foam forms. Add your t-shirt and rub gently. Remember not to rub the area of the print. After this step, you can move your clothes to the other container to rinse and remove all the strains of the soap. You may repeat the rinsing till all soap is removed from the t-shirts. Do not leave the t-shirt to soak water, and remove it from the container as soon as possible.

Drying the custom t-shirt

When it comes to drying the shirt, lay it as much stretched as possible. With this simple trick, you won?t need much ironing and your t-shirt will look as great as a new shirt. You may use special indoor racks for drying the t-shirts in horizontal position. They help to retain the shape of the t-shirts.

How to iron the t-shirt without spoiling it

You should always iron the t-shirts from the reverse side, making sure that the printed design is inside. You may also place a cloth on the printed design while ironing the t-shirt. Also, do not use the iron in the steam mode as it can deform your t-shirt fabric.

You can spray the shirt with a little water. It will help you iron more easily. Also, keep monitoring the temperature of the iron, as excess heat could damage the screen printed design. Above all, remember to not leave the iron too long in the same area, and as less as possible on the print.

Follow these tips and you will have your custom t-shirt last for a long time! The durability of your t-shirt depends on how you care while you wash, dry and iron your clothes. You can also find specific instructions about washing and ironing on the t-shirt label.

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