Custom T-shirts by Sublimation Printing

Customized T-shirts using Sublimation Printing

Recently we executed an order for creating custom t-shirts for a renowned sports club in Mumbai. Their choice was a technical t-shirt, ideal for sports events, personalized with sublimation printing.

custom t-shirt sublimation printing

Sublimation corresponds to the transformation of a body from the solid to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. Thus, in this process, modification of the chemical substance does not pass through a melting step (from solid to liquid) or by a vaporization step (from liquid to gas).

In sublimation printing, the artwork is first printed on a heat-resistant transfer paper as an inverted image of the final drawing. Once printed, Tthe artwork is then transferred onto a t-shirt or other apparel under optimum heat and pressure achieved by a heat press. At a temperature between 80 and 98 °C and accompanied by high pressure, the pigments of the sublimation inks transform into gas and get impregnated within the t-shirt material as they solidify.

Sublimation Printing is a technique that is most suited to technical t-shirts or Sports t-shirts, because it does not remove the breathing capacity of the fabric. This process has many other advantages:

1. The printing is indelible and does not fade with washing even in hot water. In this process, the ink melts chemically allowing a diffusion through the fabric. Thus, this printing process guarantees image quality even after repeated washing .

2. T-shirts printed with sublimation techniques have a smooth surface and the printed images can not be perceived by touch.

3. Unlike in screen printing, there is no limit of colors in sublimation printing process.

4. All over printing is possible with sublimation technique.

5. Ecological process with low vapor emission and low CO2 content.

6. Low sedimentation rate prevents color defects

7. Low production costs

8. Wide selection of materials for printing

Please not that traditionally, sublimation was only possible on white polyester clothing. However, with recent advances in the ink technology, we can not now print on colored as well as cotton textiles using sublimation technology.

Here is an example of a  technical t-shirt printed with sublimation.

sublimation sports t-shirt

If you have a less colorful visual, it is also possible to reproduce it on technical t-shirts using screen printing technique.

Multiple Applications

Printing with sublimation transfer inks is used to print on various materials. Some examples of applications are as follows:

Textile: T-shirt, dress, sportswear, cap, totes …
Interior decoration: Table cloth, cushion, curtain …
Gift Items: Mug, USB stick, key chains, mobile phone cover …
Exterior: Flag, banner, panel, stretched canvas, etc.

If you have any doubts about the printing technique or the models of t-shirts, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals who are at your disposal to advise you.

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