History of Customized T-Shirts

History of Custom T Shirts

Over the years, our cotton t-shirts have illustrated a bit of everything: our musical tastes, our holiday destinations, and even our political orientation. With more than two billion t-shirts sold worldwide every year, the t-shirt has become a benchmark of the twentieth century, just like the jeans.

history custom t-shirt

As of today, custom T shirts have become most popular forms of personal expression through clothing. There is. however. a stormy history of how t-shirts which were once used as an underwear have gone through a long journey to become one of the most fashionable clothes to wear.

History of the T-Shirt

Ancestors of our modern t-shirts are the clothing that the medieval warriors wore under the armor, to defend themselves from the cold or the one that the nobles wore in order to avoid the “good” clothing from getting dirty by being in contact with the skin. Continue reading