Personalized T-shirts – Create Your Own Unique Gifts

Custom T-shirts Help You to be Unique

Fashion is always changing, volatile and capricious. One day you may want to wear a t-shirt with quotes reflecting your philosophy. And, the next day you may like a t-shirt with funny pictures and words. Some day you may like to wear a t-shirt of your favorite rock star and it goes on. How to follow these fashion trends quickly? How to find the apparel that will allow you to be IN without a heavy drain on your wallet?

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Tshirt Metro is a brand that allows you not only to customize clothes according to fashion, but also to your desires. You can use our services to create personalized apparels for yourself or to offer as gifts to your friends, team members, employees or customers.

Custom T-shirts – multiple possibilities

Nowadays, there are a whole range of techniques of apparel customization, for making a unique t-shirt, polo shirt, or a sweat shirt. Techniques like Direct to Garment printing (DTG), thermal transfer, and silk screen printing allow for the most accurate personalized printing. Continue reading

How to Make Gifts like a Boss?

Master the Art of Giving Gifts

Would you like to master the art of giving gifts? Then, you should consider the wonderful art of gifting personalized products. Here is a short guide that will turn you into an expert in making wonderful gifts.

personalized gifts

1. Do Not Get Panicked

You might think it’s quite banal advice, but seriously many people get in panic mode, when they have to make a gift. First thing to remember – do not make the mistake of buying the first thing you find just because you are in a hurry.

We are all adults and we have to admit that it has become a trend to buy gifts at the last moment. But there is an alternative. Keep your calm and, if you are running short of time, rather than choosing something at random, you better offer a something which will create a unique experience for the receiver.

2. Do Personality Research

What do you do with gifts you receive that we do not like and do not use? Such gifts get forgotten even if your intention was right. So, you have to make sure you give presents with intent, meaning and pride. Continue reading