About US

Welcome to TShirt Metro India

What do we do?

At TShirt Metro India, you will find a range of customized items: custom t-shirts, jerseys, cups, pillows, caps, posters, mobile covers and mouse pads – with funny messages and special graphical images designed to brighten your day. In short, we are a business specializing in personalized products,  print on demand and workmanship, with Indian customers in mind.

TShirt Metro serves people who want to affirm themselves. In 90% of cases the first impression is the one that matters and remains in the minds of others. We help you to make a good impression by creating customized clothing and accessories.

TShirt Metro was founded in 2017 and we want to give customers in India, access to our high quality products, services and experience in the print on demand market.

Our Team, Workmanship and Quality Standards

As you’ve already realized, we print custom. We are a creative, joyful but serious team when it comes to the execution. We bring talented people to our company because we believe print is only half of our work. There is a whole creative side of this industry that people can overlook sometimes. That’s why we have hired the best graphic artists who can take the creative process and bring it into your projects. We all do our best to make the most beautiful personalized products.

Our team has a rich experience in graphic design and textile printing, so we put great emphasis on print quality. We ship T-shirts and other products only if they meet our own quality standards and aesthetic criteria. All the printing and inscriptions are done by DTG and Sublimation printers, using state-of-the-art technology. This results in vibrant colors and high resistance to wash and wear.

We offer our customization services to print your designs on the t-shirt you want.
We offer various printing techniques according to your artwork, the color of the tee shirt and the number of t-shirts ordered.
We can make your personalized t-shirts in very short time and send them anywhere in India.

Custom T-shirts

We offer several types of customizable t-shirts, for different uses.

Promotional T-shirts

Promotional t-shirts are popular among companies and organizations for branding and advertising purpose. These promotional tees are available for the tightest budgets. We generally use screen printing for printing these t-shirts.

Personalized Fashion T-shirts

Our fashion t-shirts have unique designs and messages in line with the latest fashion trends. Yu can even order a single t-shirt customizes to your requirements. We use DTG garment printing to print these fashion t-shirts.

Personalized Sports T-Shirts

Sports t-shirts are mainly made of polyester and have breathability and antibacterial properties essential for physical activities. You can customize them with the name of your club or your messages.

Personalized Work T-Shirts

Work T-shirts have straight cut, round neck and short sleeves to be as comfortable as possible. We can create these t-shirts with the logo of your company. These personalized work t-shirts improve employee morale and sense of belonging to the company. They also help improve the visibility of your company at a very low cost.

We promise that you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive the product we make. Our personalized product builder is intuitive and easy to use. Every day, we add a little flavor to our everyday rhythm and launch creative products that perfectly complement the happy occasions of your life: birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays or weddings.

Our Values and Goals

Our values and goals revolve around those who make our success possible: our clients.
Our goal is to search for and develop new materials and technologies to cover a wide range of products to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Our belief is: “We treat our clients as we want them to be treated.”

We have experienced staff, made up of true professionals who are fully engaged in ensuring a high level of quality of services and products we offer.

Now you can take advantage of our expertise by just one mouse click. Whatever your needs, from choosing a personalized gift to customizing a t-shirt, we’re going step by step with your project, from graphic design to delivery. We are receptive to your desires and eager to serve you as efficiently as possible.

We handle any order as if it is our own order, and our priority is the customer. We offer fast online print customization without sacrificing quality. We are confident and proud that we can guarantee both the quality of the products and their timely delivery at the same time.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction! We guarantee the shipment of the products within the given deadlines!

If you are not satisfied with the product and it does not meet your standards, or if it is not delivered within the deadline, we offer our utmost attention to resolving your issues.