5 Good Reasons to Personalize Your T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts for special occasions

Personalized t-shirts is a new concept in apparel fashion. Almost everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and wear a t-shirt that symbolizes his personality. At some point, companies, organizations are also going for personalized t-shirts for special occasions. They go for custom t-shirts when they have any group event, meetings, a special project or just to boost the morale of the employees.

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Personalized t-shirts work as an excellent promotional tool for the company at trade fairs, seminars, or any inauguration function. Personalized t-shirts are also suitable for events inside the company such as sports meetings, team building and special project groups. Schools, colleges and even coaching classes are offering personalized tees to their students for the same reason. Thus we can see that, t-shirt personalization can strengthen the spirit of belonging and can be used for promotional activities too.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should customize your t-shirts.

1. You have a message

Custom t-shirts are excellent communication tools. They are often used to communicate a message, either to convey ideas and ideology or to oppose or denounce something. You can customize your t-shirt with your message and wear it proudly at all times. This type of t-shirts is widely used by associations or larger structures like political parties or NGOs.

2. You are a brand creator

The fashion business is the market that is experiencing the biggest development in e-commerce, which is why many of you are embarking on brand creation. T-shirts are great products to start a ready-to-wear business. Indeed, they are worn throughout the year and are often cheaper than other products such as polo shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies. Be careful though, all t-shirts are not equal. You have to choose a t-shirt with a higher grammage of180 gsm if you want embroidery on your t shirt. You should also know that there is a minimum quantity required for printing customized t-shirts, depending on type of printing process.

3. You are part of a group or association

custom tshirts groupsGroups and associations often use personalized t-shirts in order to federate their group.

Custom t-shirts create a real sense of belonging within a group, which is why many associations use personalized t-shirts. Among them are sports associations, cultural associations, Ganesha festival committees as well as student associations.

4. You are a company

Companies generally prefer customized polo shirts, but custom t-shirts are becoming popular too. These t-shirts are economical, pleasant to wear, lightweight, and ideal for Indian weather conditions. They allow companies to easily communicate about their brand while creating a bond within the organization. Companies tend to turn to quality organic cotton t-shirts of higher grammage.

5. Preparing for an event

custom tshirts india eventsAn event often brings together many people. Events, small or big, are often accompanied by personalized t-shirts, in order to harmonize all the participants in the event. As printed t-shirts are economical, they ideally satisfy the organizers as well as the participants.

Often, participants are offered “welcome pack” which contains t-shirts along with some personalized goodies such as tote bags. These welcome packs are often included in the registration fee and thus allow the organizers to make some profits whilst pleasing the participants.

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