How to Take Care of Your Custom T-shirts

Tips for taking care of your personalized t-shirt

Did you ever buy a fancy looking t-shirt only to discover that its printed design faded away just after a few days? Well, if you just follow a few tips about how to take care of your printed t-shirts, you won’t have such unpleasant experience and you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

The most basic tip about washing and ironing printed clothing is to turn them around. You have to make sure that the design is on the inner side. That way your design artwork will stay beautiful for a longer time. Here, you can find more tips to take care of your custom printed t-shirts while washing and ironing.

How to wash custom t-shirt in the washing machine

Before washing any clothes in the washing machine you should first sort the clothes according to the type of their fabric and color. Continue reading

DTG vs. Screen Printing: What are the Differences?

DTG Printing vs. Screen Printing

There are many ways to customize printing on t-shirts, jerseys and other apparels. Each printing technique comes with its unique features and has its advantages and disadvantages. Of these, two important printing techniques to note are: DTG (Direct-to-Garment Printing) and Screen Printing. Other methods include thermal transfer and sublimation. Here we present an analysis of DTG vs, Screen printing methods for t-shirt customization. You can use this to help you to choose the printing technique that suits you best.

Screen Printing


  • Economic costs for large volumes
  • The more you order, the lower is the price per product
  • You can use special colors (e.g. neon)


  • Not economical for multiple colors (multiple passes)
  • You can only print simple forms of design
  • Large initial investment
  • Can have a single design per set

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How much does it cost to make a custom t-shirt in India?

Average cost of making a personalized t-shirt in India

The custom t-shirt or personalized t shirt is a modern innovation in textile communication. It is suitable for almost any event and for all ages. Thanks to the variety of printing techniques available these days, there are limitless possibilities in t-shirt customization. Each printing technique, however, has its own benefits and limitations. And, according to the printing technique, the cost of custom t-shirt will vary greatly. Cost of the customized t-shirt, will also depend on the quality of the base blank t-shirt.

We can always make a custom t-shirt for you. However, in order to get a good value for money, you need to understand the costing of a customized t-shirt. The price of a custom T-shirt depends on several parameters. In general, the cost of custom t-shirt will depend on the following factors: Continue reading

Personalized T-shirts – Create Your Own Unique Gifts

Custom T-shirts Help You to be Unique

Fashion is always changing, volatile and capricious. One day you may want to wear a t-shirt with quotes reflecting your philosophy. And, the next day you may like a t-shirt with funny pictures and words. Some day you may like to wear a t-shirt of your favorite rock star and it goes on. How to follow these fashion trends quickly? How to find the apparel that will allow you to be IN without a heavy drain on your wallet?

bachelor party custom t-shirts

Tshirt Metro is a brand that allows you not only to customize clothes according to fashion, but also to your desires. You can use our services to create personalized apparels for yourself or to offer as gifts to your friends, team members, employees or customers.

Custom T-shirts – multiple possibilities

Nowadays, there are a whole range of techniques of apparel customization, for making a unique t-shirt, polo shirt, or a sweat shirt. Techniques like Direct to Garment printing (DTG), thermal transfer, and silk screen printing allow for the most accurate personalized printing. Continue reading

History of Customized T-Shirts

History of Custom T Shirts

Over the years, our cotton t-shirts have illustrated a bit of everything: our musical tastes, our holiday destinations, and even our political orientation. With more than two billion t-shirts sold worldwide every year, the t-shirt has become a benchmark of the twentieth century, just like the jeans.

history custom t-shirt

As of today, custom T shirts have become most popular forms of personal expression through clothing. There is. however. a stormy history of how t-shirts which were once used as an underwear have gone through a long journey to become one of the most fashionable clothes to wear.

History of the T-Shirt

Ancestors of our modern t-shirts are the clothing that the medieval warriors wore under the armor, to defend themselves from the cold or the one that the nobles wore in order to avoid the “good” clothing from getting dirty by being in contact with the skin. Continue reading

5 Good Reasons to Personalize Your T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts for special occasions

Personalized t-shirts is a new concept in apparel fashion. Almost everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and wear a t-shirt that symbolizes his personality. At some point, companies, organizations are also going for personalized t-shirts for special occasions. They go for custom t-shirts when they have any group event, meetings, a special project or just to boost the morale of the employees.

custom tshirts events

Personalized t-shirts work as an excellent promotional tool for the company at trade fairs, seminars, or any inauguration function. Personalized t-shirts are also suitable for events inside the company such as sports meetings, team building and special project groups. Schools, colleges and even coaching classes are offering personalized tees to their students for the same reason. Thus we can see that, t-shirt personalization can strengthen the spirit of belonging and can be used for promotional activities too.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should customize your t-shirts.

1. You have a message

Custom t-shirts are excellent communication tools. They are often used to communicate a message, either to convey ideas and ideology or to oppose or denounce something. You can customize your t-shirt with your message and wear it proudly at all times. This type of t-shirts is widely used by associations or larger structures like political parties or NGOs.

2. You are a brand creator

The fashion business is the market that is experiencing the biggest development in e-commerce, which is why many of you are embarking on brand creation. Continue reading

Silk Screen Printing for T-shirt Customization

Custom T-Shirts by Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a textile printing technique that is widely used for customized t-shirts and other custom apparels. This is the best known textile printing technique and certainly the favorite of companies and textile designers. It can produce spectacular results.

tshirt screen printing

What is silk-screen printing?

Screen printing on paper and on textiles follow a very similar process. The method consists in applying ink through a mesh stretched onto a screen. It produces color impression in layers, color by color. In the case of textile screen printing, inks are applied directly on the garments.

Textile silk-screen printing is a very old technique developed in China. It is an artisan craft though these days the process is automated by machines. At Tshirt Metro, our specialists retouch the visuals and adapt them to create the layers and screens. We position the t-shirts manually one by one on the machine and then apply the colors by hand.

History of Seriagraphy or Screen Printing

screen printing t-shirtSerigraphy or Silk screen printing is a word comes which from the Latin word sericum (silk) and Greek word graphic (to write or to draw). This technique was first developed in China, under the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD). They used silk threads for the application of ink, hence the name Seriagraphy.

Screen printing then spread to Japan and neighboring countries. It was not until the 17th century that the silk trade flourished to see the introduction of silk screen printing in Europe. In France, the city of Lyons began to use silk-screen printing to print fabrics : this process is called Lyonnaise Printing. Continue reading

Custom T-shirts by Sublimation Printing

Customized T-shirts using Sublimation Printing

Recently we executed an order for creating custom t-shirts for a renowned sports club in Mumbai. Their choice was a technical t-shirt, ideal for sports events, personalized with sublimation printing.

custom t-shirt sublimation printing

Sublimation corresponds to the transformation of a body from the solid to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. Thus, in this process, modification of the chemical substance does not pass through a melting step (from solid to liquid) or by a vaporization step (from liquid to gas).

In sublimation printing, the artwork is first printed on a heat-resistant transfer paper as an inverted image of the final drawing. Once printed, Tthe artwork is then transferred onto a t-shirt or other apparel under optimum heat and pressure achieved by a heat press. At a temperature between 80 and 98 °C and accompanied by high pressure, the pigments of the sublimation inks transform into gas and get impregnated within the t-shirt material as they solidify.

Sublimation Printing is a technique that is most suited to technical t-shirts or Sports t-shirts, because it does not remove the breathing capacity of the fabric. This process has many other advantages: Continue reading